Cooking studio in Amsterdam, cooking workshops since 1990. Book a date and we’ll take care of the rest.

With the opening of Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw in 1990, Dennis took an audacious gamble by starting his own studio. The era of kookstudio’s where groups of people could cook and dine hadn’t yet arrived. It was a matter of passion and patience, but today Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw is one of the leading kookstudio’s in the Netherlands.
From the beginning, Dennis has taken devotion to achieve high standards in hospitality and choice in cuisines.

Every day Dennis works on creating new themes for cooking workshops that stand out, like the vegetarian Asian and the delicious plant based Indonesian workshops.

Cooking studio in Amsterdam, Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw since 1990.

The cooking workshops can be booked for groups starting from 14 persons or a minimum amount of € 1190,— and the maximum is 36 guests.

Drinks are included in the price.

Please note that our workshops can only be booked if you come with a group of your own, we don’t offer workshops for individuals. The studio is not for rent.

Parking in de Willemspoort, 50 meters from the kookstudio and bus and tram stop 100 meters from the studio. Parking in the garage under the kookstudio with Vicky, entrance Kleine Houtstraat.

The workshops take between 3 to 4 hours and can start at any time you wish.

Prices excl. BTW/VAT for companies and organizations

You don’t have to share the cooking studio with other groups.


The largest table sits up to 30 persons. If you come with a smaller group, we take some tables out, with a bigger group we place an extra table. The maximum group size is 36.

Many times my guests tell me that it feels like they are in my home, this is the biggest compliment I can imagine to receive.

Click virtual tour for an impression of the kookstudio.

Cooking studio Dennis Leeuw, cooking workshops for groups in Amsterdam.

Only MSC approved fish is used in my cooking studio:

Overview cooking workshops

Italian cooking workshop

Italian cooking workshop

The Italian cooking workshop is by far the most popular. Everybody loves Italian food so this workshop is always a good choice!

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aziatisch vegetarische kookworkshop

Asian vegetarian cooking workshop

Nowadays many of us eat less meat. For many reasons Asians eat little meat or no meat at all. For this reason they have an centuries old tradition of cooking extremely refined vegetarian dishes.

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Teambuilding cooking workshop

Does your team need a new impulse? Is it time to stimulate the team spirit? Book the cooking competition!

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Japanese cooking workshop

Japanese comfort food

In this cooking workshop you learn what the Japanese eat when they come home after a long day of work. Simple but refined, fresh, colorful and healthy but without spending too much time in the kitchen. Actually very modern!

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mezze kookworkshop

Arabic cooking workshop

Come and enjoy the flavors and fragrances of cardamom, cumin and cinnamon. Fresh tasting soup with lemon juice and dried mint, hummus with home made bread and much more.

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vegan Indonesische kookworkshop

Vegan Indonesian cooking workshop

This is your chance to experience how delicious an Indonesian 3-course dinner can be without meat, dairy products or eggs. You and your group will prepare a starter, 4 main dishes, a dessert and crispy cookies that will be served with coffee at the end of the cooking workshop.

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customer testimonials

I felt like I was at someone’s home

Thanks for sending the recipes. And thank you for the lovely evening yesterday. Everyone had a great time and the food was amazing.

My team is still under the vibe of our wonderful event in your kookstudio

Thank you again for the delightful evening we had at your studio! I still have colleagues messaging me to express their thanks, which is all down to you and your team!

About Dennis Leeuw

After years of working in several renowned restaurants it was time to start something new. At that time there were no open restaurant kitchens and I missed the contact with the guests.

When I joined the restaurant critic Johannes van Dam to eat for Het Parool, I met many new people in the food business. One of them was Cees Holtkamp, owner of the famous pastry shop here in Amsterdam. When I participated in a patisserie cooking workshop that Cees gave, I knew what I wanted: to have a cooking studio in Amsterdam myself. Until today I love the energy and special atmosphere of having in group in my kitchen. The happy faces at the table and all the compliments when the guests leave at the end of the evening are the best part of my work.