Cooking studio in Amsterdam, cooking workshops since 1990. Book a date and we’ll take care of every little detail.

With the opening of Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw in 1990, Dennis took an audacious gamble by starting his own studio. The era of kookstudio’s where groups of people could cook and dine hadn’t yet arrived. It was a matter of passion and patience, but today Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw is one of the leading kookstudio’s in the Netherlands.
From the beginning, Dennis has taken devotion to achieve high standards in hospitality and choice in cuisines.

Every day Dennis works on creating new themes for cooking workshops that stand out, like the vegetarian Asian and the mouthwatering plant based Indonesian workshop.

The cooking workshops can be booked for groups from 14 guests and our maximum is 36 people. Please note that our workshops can only be booked if you come with a group of your own, we don’t offer workshops for individuals and the studio is not for rent.

The cooking workshop starts with a drink in the dining room. As soon as the group is complete I’ll invite you to the kitchen. During a short introduction about the menu I will let you taste and smell some of the ingredients.
Everybody starts with the preparation of all the dishes and the first course will be served while cooking. Then the second course will be served in the dining room. The same for main and dessert. We end with coffee, tea and cookies. As a group you make all the dishes yourself but we take care that you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

click for a video of the kookstudio

You don’t have to share the space with other groups.
The space is cosy for a small group, but you can also dine with up to 30 persons at one long table. For a small group we make the table shorter and if necessary we place a extra table on the side.
Drinks are included in the price.
A good thing about booking a cooking workshop is that you combine activity with dinner or lunch.
Every time a course is eaten you return to the kitchen to finish the next dishes. So if you want to change places at the table just grab your glass and make a move!
The prices excl. BTW/VAT for companies and organizations. If you have any questions please go to Contact.

Kookstudio Dennis Leeuw for the best cooking workshop in Amsterdam. For a good meal you need good ingredients, so meet my butcher:
I buy the meat  for the cooking workshops from butcher Ton Pouw at Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam center. He has his own farm just outside Amsterdam. In the summer his cows graze in the fields and in the winter they live in a big barn with lots of straw to lay on. Almost all the food is grown on their own farm. This is top quality! Slagerij Ton Pouw